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Sad, but TRUE! [04 Aug 2007|05:25pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

Girl meets horse
Girl falls in love with horse
Girl rides well with horse
Horse dies...
Story of my life. 
But i am so grateful for what i have been allowed to feel and experience in my life so far and have come to realize that there's just way too much beauty in this world to stop fighting for what i believe in, and living for what i love.
Dreams can move mountains and if you believe long enough and hard enough about something, you can do anything!

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Stuff about life [14 Jun 2007|07:33pm]

Why is it that whenever someone has something meaningful to say and they say it out loud, it's called talking out of your ass? Like it's a bunch of mumbo jumbo and naive  nonsence that's just way to good to be true andcompletly a fairly tale that could never exist. 
For example my theory is that maybe there isno meaning to life, maybe were just here because. Alright i'll admit that sounds sort of stupid but maybe it's so unbelieveable and naive that really it's the reality of the situation that we can life. 
Now the real reason that people say that being naive and saying meaningful things is talking out of your ass because people are to afraid to admit that somethings might sound stupid or funny but really you believe in them too.
Like if i were to say the world is such an incredibly beautyful place. Life it's self is such an awesome gift. Many people would probably think i was a crazy blinde idiot who has never experienced anything. Many people's opinions on life would probably be that it's a huge hell with so much pain and suffering, how the hell is that in any way beautyful?! Well... here comes the talking out of my ass bit. Maybe it's the pain and suffering that makes the world so incredible. Without any challenges there would be nothing in this world worth living for, or fighting for. Without any of the sadness and suffering, there can never be any desire and passion. And i know. Most people would say, "yeah you say that now because you've never had to live through anything so horrible andpinful and heartbreaking". But the truth is that i have. I've been riding horses for about 6 years now and i just resently lost 2 horses who were put down and 3 others who were taken away. This all happened in the time span of 3 years, one right after the other. now please tell me that isn't the same sort of hard pain and suffering that i've been talking about. I have confidence issues now with my jumping and it's because i'm afraidthat is i get close to anyother horse that i'll loose them too. But for everything that's happened, everytime that i do jump and do really well, it makes everything so much better. All of the hurrible things in my life that i've had to go through, make all the good moments so wroth while and meaningful. And that counts for something. That's what is worth living for and suffering for. Without all of the pain, how ould you ever know love and beauty and passion and desire? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger and i couldn't be more impressed with myself than i am right now because i appriciate everything that the world and life has to offer me, no matter how bad because i know that just on the other side is such great experience.

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Kisses [16 Feb 2007|07:26pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

" Kisses kept are wasted; Love is to be tasted. There are some you love, i know; Be not loathe to tell them so. Lips go dry and eyes grow wet, waiting to be warmly met. Keep tem not in waitng yet; Kisses kept are wasted"
~Edmund Vance Cooke~

"for twas not into my ear you whispered But into my heart, Twas not my lips you kissed But my soul"
~Judy Garland~

"Kisses that are easily obtained Are easily fogotten"

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[12 Feb 2007|07:26pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

Well hello, it's been a very long time since the last time i wrote on this thing. well i guess all i can really say is that nothing in my life has really changed, it's all pretty much the same. which i guess isn't a completly horrible thing, but can get a little bit boring.
however, there is sort of one thing that's new, but it's not that exciting...
well, since the begining of the new year, i'v been going to Block Buster almost once a week, every week. All of those weeks that i have been showing up at that store to look around for a good hour was enough for a particular someone to start saying hi to me every time i arrived, which actually isn't that exciting when you think about it because they have to say hi to everyone who walks in, but then they started to get more and more friendly, you know like simple small talk, nothing big. i guess you could say that i like the person, it shouldn't be that hard to figure out, but then again, i'm really easy when it comes to likeing someone, and then starting to like them more and more, it's sort of a curse (as i like to call it), but really every time someone pays the smallest bit of attention to me i start likeing them, even if i only liked them a little bit before that moment, i like become deticated to liking the person. and that's exactly what happend in this case... a little became a lot. and it's sort of unfortunite in my case because i know that that's all that it's going to be is a crush from a distance. you know i like having those SMALL conversations with the person but then i get more and more away from my self when i really do know that nothing is going to happen. it's sad to think about. but i nice to be able to think about liking someone and them ACTUALLY liking you back. ( by the way... i'v been single my whole life) i'm not getting desperate or anything, never anything like that, it's just that i know that i'm waiting for someone to like me, one day it'll happen. it's just sad how every time secretly i wonder this could be the one. and i know SECRETLY it never is. it's hard not to get your hopes up sometimes.
well i don't know... time will tell how long i have to wait. but i'll be here and that's the important thing. i'm not going to go nuts over love, i'm just going to wait.
man this is long... i'm SORRY! :(

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someone to listen...why i love movies so much. [05 Sep 2006|04:05pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

This is something that is very important to me that i write, so if your readin it, i'm sorry that it' so long, but i need help, someone who will listen to me.

Today, the last first day of high school and then i'm free. Those of you who know me, probably know that i'm a shy person, nervous person at times, and that i have the ability to turn into a human tamato when the attention is turned into my direction. Those of you who know me, also probably know how much i don't like school and really hate having to get up infront of the class to give a presentation. Well, at the begining of every semester when we go to our classes and are handed out course outlines, do you know what the first thing is that i look for on that sheet of paper? I look to see if there will be any presentations ... i do this because maybe if i know ahead of time i wont be so nervous, almost as if i'm giving myself time to relax and think about the presentation. This semester my classes are: Hollywood and History, Drawing, and Drama. Drawing i'm not worried about in the least, but with hollywood and history and drama, insted of thinking about all the cool things that i could learn about, the only thing that i'm able to think about is, "how in the world i'm i going to be able to live through these presentations?" Now, i'v been thinking all day, why is it so hard for me? why can't i just get up there, infront of the class and just do it? what is it about getting up there, that worries me so much?, and i'v got to tel you, i'v come up with no actual answers, only theories, and thats not making me feel better AT ALL. When i get up infront of the class, i turn into a tamato. My face goes beat red in a matter of seconds, and i'm not talking about only cheeks, i'm talking about my whole face, and you know mabe if my face didn't get so red that i wouldn't be so nervous, but it's realli when i feel my face start to burn up that i think "oh shit i'm blushing really bad now" and there is nothing i can do to make it go away, nothing until the presentation is over. so i'v come to the conclusion that, it's maybe not realli school and learning that i hate so much, but it's the presentations that i know that i'm going to have to do, that make me hate going to school. I'M SCARED!!! i'm really very srry if this is a lot to read, but i'v never actually wrote any of this down before, and even worse, never said it outloud. I'v been looking foward to hollywood and history all summer and when i find out that i'm going to have to do presentations, i'm completly willing to drop the course, which i would really hate doing, because i love movies so much, in movies there is everything the i dream of, if i could i would be a ballet dancer, a violinist, a guitarest, a jockey, a painter, a writer, an actor, a drumer, a football player, a soccor player. And with movies i'm able to watch my dreams played by actors and realli wont to be an actor because i'd be able to do all those things, but i would be lying to myself if i said that acting was something that i CAN do, even though i know that i wont it so bad, and thats basically the reason that i'm droping drama. and i'v always had this argument with my brother about why he doesn't like more the half of the movies that i do because he thinks that they suck, and why there is no movie in the world that i don't like, and i think that i'v jus figured it out... i don't dislike any movies because in every movie, no matter what genre or if it's animation, there are characters that aren't afriad to do what they think  is right, or what they believe in, they are not afriad to just go out and do what they need to do, and i am. that's my probablem, i'm scared. i'm scared/nervous out about letting people know what i love, believe in, who i am, and theres no way of me over coming it. I am scared/nervous of doing presentations, letting people know who i am, standing up for what i believe in, i'm scared of pushing myself to where I KNOW i can be when it comes to riding, and allof these things are just slowing me down and i'm letting them, because i am not a confident person. i'm thinking about talking to me hollywood and history teacher and telling her how i feel about the presentation, not to try to get out of it, but so that maybe i'll become more comfortable, i'm even thinking about going to guidence and talking to someone there, because i think more then anything i need to hear myself say these things outloud, and not to someone who is my friend, but to someone who is my elder, someone who has gone though their life at my age, and maybe can help me though it......................
But.... i'm scared that when i look back at the moment i took to talk to someone, i will find myself sounding pathetic.

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A Very Sad Way To Start The Week [27 Apr 2006|06:32pm]
[ mood | good ]

Hello there everyone, it has really been a very long time since i wrote something on my live journal thingy, so i decided that i would write something today : ).
Well the start of this week was a little upsetting ...  ever since last week i was excited about getting to ride with Ally on Tuesday, because i never get to see her ride anymore, or even get to ride with her anymore, and all day Monday and for the morning and some of the evening of Tuesday i was so excited to ride, when my mom called me from her work about an hour n' a half before i was going to riding. she told me that there was some news, and that it wasn't good. i had a pretty good idea about what it could be, because something similar to this happend in 2003, and just before i was going to go riding. so se tells me that Kathi(my riding instucter) called her, and told her that Ace (a horse that i had been riding for a while, i think pretty close to as long as they had him at the barn for..)had to be put down, because he had split his pelvis. They aren't completly sure how it happend because they didn't see him when it did, but they said that when they found him and he tried to get up he couldn't, and it turned out to be a huge mess. For some reason, that idea that i said i had when my mom told me that it wasn't good news, come true.
This accident happend on the Monday April 24. Just like Jetson i'll very much miss Ace. But at least i had some great rides on him : ), and my 5th fall on him.
Well i have more to say, but i think i'll leave it at that for now, and i'll get back to all you cheeky monkeys out there later...
Always and Forever Jenna Rosset

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give me some help! [06 Mar 2006|07:39pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Ok, well i have this situation right now. i'v thought about it before but i'm not sure how to really do it. a friend kind of has 2 of my CD's, Chicago and A Walk to Remember. When i say kind of, i mean they don't really work anymore. half of the songs skip and the reading side is realli torn up. i'v asked from them back before and she said that insted of giving the ones back that i let her borrow, she would by me the CD's new. i only heard her say that once, and because shes my friend and i trust her, i figured that i didn't have to remind her and hear it a second time. but, i haven't gotten the CD's, it's been a while. I'm sure that this situation should bethat hard, i think that because shes a friend i should be able to just simply ask for the CD's are something. but again i would feel bad, asking her to buy me to new CD's, even though i really kind of want them back. i don't want this to sound like really spoiled or w/e, because i could just simply buy the CD's new myself, but then (not to really sound complettly rude but, ) i'm not the one who ruined them. (that might not have sounded that nice), soo i feel bad about asking her to buy that CD's, but i dunno... i need some opinions here. PLEASE! thanx... PeacE bye byz.


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Wut ever [22 Feb 2006|09:44pm]
[ mood | tired ]

No one knows anyoness story!!! So stop judging!  it's not fucking getting you anywhere, it's just making you enemies. i always thought that mistakes were made to be learnt from, but you just follow right behind them.  no wonder your not getting anywhere. your wasting your fucking time. And when you realize that all of this is true, do me a favour. don't sit there and be all fucking sorry for yourself, it's pathetic. get up off your fucking ass and do something about it.

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A Truley Amazing Story [03 Feb 2006|08:00pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Heyy there... well it's been a while, i haven't been very motivated or however you spell it, everyone knows that i can't spell, well maybe not everyone but who can spell anyways. Well all of that was just pointless. i'v bored for a while since school ended for exams. you know i really hate school when i'm there, but when i'm not there i always find myself wanting to be there. i think a lot of people are like that. it's the only time that i ever actually get to do anything, and see friends and that. unless my friends call me and say that they want to do something, but other than that i just stay at home that, well nothing actually i don't really do anything. i just wait for that day to be over so the next one can start. but anyways, i think i could go on for a while talking about, this nothingness. but i wont. so heres something that i think might be a little more exciting. today i actually really did something. ever since the Film Festival in Toronto, and watching it on TV and that. i'v been waiting for the movie "Capote" to come out. and today i went to see it in the theater. it was such an amazing movie. i loved it so much. i didn't go with any one. i didn't know who else would want to come see that movie. and i think i wanted to do something on my own. i'v been to the movies before by myself. the first time to see "King Arthur" and the second to see "The Terminal". it's actually really nice going by yourself. and i was almost sure that i was going to be the only one in the theater. but some older people came in about 15 min before the movie was going to start. it was cool. i actually had tears streaming down my face during the movie. i don't know if it had the same effect on others, but it's true. i started crying. i'm almost desperate to read his book now. i really wanted to read it before i saw the movie, but now i just want to read it even more. it's sad that what happend to him through those years killed him. some things i guess you just can't help. or didn't want to. well i think that i writen or talked enough for now. i hope all you people see the movie or read the book or something. it's really awesome. see ya all. Peace.


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[15 Jan 2006|07:12pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Well heyy there to whoever is reading this.... i haven't writen in soo long!... every time i come on this thing to see if some has writen something new i always try to think of something to write... cuz i always want to but i couldn't thing of any thing.. but yeah now i think i'm jus gunna wing it... we're coming up to the last full week of school n' i'm realli nervous bout this history presintation that i have to do... but i know that i'm gunna end up doin it... so i'm jus gunna keep breathing n' it will all be over before i know it. n' oh man do i ever hope tht tht is true *lol*... the week that just pasted was really shity... riding was crap .. well to clear that one up.. the horse was awesome... but i hated the instructor!!!.. n' on the way home there was a lot of drama between me n' mi mom... n' we weren't realli getting mad at eachother... but i think we were both realli confused or something... it was about riding.. n' i got reallli REALLI emotional... well thats that stroy ...n' i hate school right now soo much... i can't wait till next semester!... it'll be more fun.. i hope... well n' ways... i think i'm gunna go now... *lol*.. n' i finally wrote something he he he go me!!... good night people... take care PeacE. bye byz

  heres a pic of me n' alysia when we went to liv***s house for a week... it was realli funn!! :)

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~question thingy...looked like fun to fill out :P~ [01 Jan 2006|09:32pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

I AM: stressed over history!!!.

I WANT: this semester to go by realli REALLI fast.

I HAVE: Soooo much h/w

I WISH: i wasn't shy..... i wish i were realli outgoin!!! ROSSSSEEEEYYYY---LIVVV**** HELP!!!*lol*

I HATE: tht i get jelous realli easy

I MISS: the years tht passed were i didn't try to live it to the max

I FEAR: tht i will never REALLI be happy

I HEAR: the TV

I SEARCH: for mi indentity (if i even spelt tht right )

I REGRET: not living the past years to the max

I LOVE: life

I ACHE: for love

I DANCE: foolishly

I SING: all the time

I CRY: by myself

I AM NOT ALWAYS: true to myself

I WIN: when i'm happy... n' i luv everyone no matter wut

I LOSE: i'm i waste time bein angry at things tht don't matter

I CONFUSE: people sometimes when i talk...

I NEED: to be happy with myself.

I SHOULD: not care wut people think about me

I'M WEARING: clothes *lol*

Yes Or No.

x. You keep a diary: yes... but i haven't writen in it for a while.

x. You like to cook: yes if i know wut i'm doin. *lol*.

x. You have a secret you have not shared with anyone: yes

x. You believe in love: yes



COLOR: purple n' green the mostest.....

DAY: any day where i can sleep for as long as i can.

MONTH: december... but realli any month is good :)

SONG: there r many

SEASON: fall n' spring

DRINK: tea, water, canada dry.... hmmmm








HELPED SOMEONE? no?...... i don't remeber prolly not if i don't remeber *Lol*.




GONE OUT FOR DINNER? nop... wowoow i'm realli borin so far....


TALKED TO AN EX? nop.. don't got one....... yet

MISSED AN EX? read above ^^^



MISSED SOMEONE? yep...... heyyy i'v finally said yes to something... *lol* .


FOUGHT WITH YOUR PARENTS? .a li* bit... but nothin to serious

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~Fun week with some friendS~ [30 Dec 2005|08:04pm]
[ mood | good ]

Heyy there .... i think it's bin a little while since the last time i'v writen ... but anyways... thts realli doesn't matter... today i got home from liv***s house with alysia... we had a lot of funn :) :) :) ... we got there on tuesday and we went skating at harbour front... tht was tuns of funn... *lol*... n' when we got back we watched the movies "Into the Blue" which in mi opinion wasn't the greatest movie i'v ever seen..  but i guess it was alllright... n' we also watched "King of the Lost World" which was realli stupid... it was one of the king kong movies... i'm pretty sure it was the second one tht they made... *lol*.. but it was horrible... then the next day we watched another movie... (tht i realli wanted alysia n' liv*** to see cuz i luv it soo much)... called ~The Exorcism of Emily Rose~ n' liv***s friend kim was there to, so after the movie we hung out in liv***s room... i think form like 8 something to 12:30... cua i said tht i wanted to go to bed... *Lol*... i was tiered n' i like sleepin *lol*... then the next day we told liv***s mom tht we were goin to see a movie... but we actually went bowling with kim n' liv***s bro..... n' tht was a lot of funn... then after we were dune bowling we went to playdium cuz liv*** n' alysia wanted to play DDR... so we went there for a while... then when we got back alsyia n' i got our nails dune by liv***s mom... tht was pretty funn... n' while tht was happenin... liv** n' kim were watching Madagasgar... then me n' alsyia went upstairs on her computer n' kim n' liv*** stayed downstairs n' started watching Edward Scissorhands... we stayed up a bit then i went into the other room n' started drawin n' wut not... when we were finally tyin to go to sleep... n' i was lookin forward to tht all day *lol*... n' they knew tht.. cuz i kept sayin tht i couldn't wait to go to sleep.... *lol*... alysia n' liv*** fell asleep at like 2:30 something... n' i.. who wanted sooo much to go to sleep .....couldn't.... i got sooo mad *Lol*... i didn't fall asleep till like.... 5:00.. or something like tht... it realli sucked.... but i eventually fel asleep ... so thts kooll... but yeah... then the next day me n' alysia went home... whihc would be today... but we both had a lot of funn.. n' i hope tht liv*** had funn havin us there... :) :) :)... well i'll c ya all later...
Take Care spoookkkkyyy people.... n' have an awesome new years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bye byz



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~MerrY ChristmaS EveryonE~ [23 Dec 2005|06:07pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Heyy everyone!!! ... i can't wait for christmas morning!!! ... it's almost here. he he he ... well today was realli kool *lol* we had the chrismas assembly today which was realli amusing!!! well no ... actually it was kinda boring ... except Alysia's performence, she was realli good! and the  last thing was realli good *lol*... Jake, Ian (i think tht how u spell his name), Mr. Foster, Vince, and some other dude ... i don't know his name... were doing a performance to the Backstreet Boys ... it's was totally funny he he he ... they got realli in to it... it was reallamusing to watch. well any ways...

!!Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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~Super koolnesS~ [22 Dec 2005|03:15pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

OMG grrraaaaa..... i hit the wrong button on this a couple seconds ago n' i was dun mi entry... but it disapeared.... now i have to write stuff again.... i hate tht *lol*... well i'll jus summerize wut i had then.... today was funn... rosey was nervous bout driving.. i hope she did good... we had a stupid test/quiz in science... we goin Budhist n' Hindu together... i'm nervous bout a history presentation n' the exame cuz i'm horrible at tht stuff... n' i should be workin on history right now... sooo i think tht about summs it up .... *lol*... i'll talk to u all later
Take Care PeacE
bye byz
These guys r The Higher... their realli good.. i like them :).... bye byz again

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~i wished u good luck rosey!!~kool new group~ [19 Dec 2005|05:01pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Heyy... well then...*lol*... today Rosey was realli nervous bout this interview thingy tht she had to do for co-op... i'm pretty sure shes dun now...but i hope it went well... we were sitting in science n' i had this flower thingy tht u can put in ur hair.. n' she put it in her hair n' she asked to borrow it for the interview cuz i said it looked nice... so i said yeah... n' then when she left n' i went to alysia's locker after school i saw it by her locker.. n' i felt said cuz she dropped it n' then she wouldn't have mi good luck with her for the interview... but i have to say tht i was thinin bout her all day after school *Lol*.. wishing her luck he he he ...ur great rosey!!!!............today i joined a group thingy on My Space... it's the Tim Burton groupe... it's pretty kool... i jus got bored so i was lookin up kool groups n' tht :) *lol*... i also joined the Mad Creator Gris Grimley group.... their art work is realli REALLI awesome.... so for those of u who haven't heard of them or w/e.. check out www.madcreator.com it's awesome... another good site for good art is www.eyesuckink.com their realli good to... if u guys know the band The Used... they did the art work for them... i like it... but yeah u guys should check it out... well anyways... on the Tim Burton groups thingy... i saved some kool pix n' tht... tht i thought were kool so i'm gunna put those on here *lol*... i luv putting pix on these things.. it's sooo much funn *lol*... well n' ways....5 MORE DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS.....he he he
well i'll ttyl...
take care PeacE...
bye byz
Jenna Rosset

 i had never seen this pic before *Lol*... but of course i'm sure tht many of u Tim Burton fans have *lol*... i thought it was kool :)                mann jack sure has a lot of different faces *Lol*.... i liked this thing too *lol*

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~Kool song tht i like~ [16 Dec 2005|09:57pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Heyy well a present tht i got for mi b-day bout 2 or 3 weeks ago was the 1st CD of Good Charlotte... n' theres this song tht i realli like on it... so it thought tht i would share the lyrics with u... if u don't already know it *lol*... i realli like it.. so here it is: 


                                                            Summer air reminds me of all the feelings of your love, 
                                                                  And what it was like when we were together, 
                                                      Walking all along the beach, you were never far from my reach,
                                                                  And you held me through the stormy weather,

                                                                        And I, I want to fall in love tonight, 
                                                      And I remember when you said "everything is gonna be alright"

                                                        Laying in the summer grass, you told me not to talk so fast, 
                                                                                As I told you how I feel, 
                                                                         You made me feel right at home, 
                                                        You told me I was not alone and you knew just how I feel,

                                                          I know we talked about it, I just can't get around it,
                                                                      I just want one more night with you,


                                                        October air reminds me of all the seasons of your love,
                                                                And what it was like when we were together
                                                            The smell of fall is everywhere and though it seems, 
                                                               I just don't care, 'cause now you've gone away,

                                                                               I (I wanna fall in love)
                                                                         I (I wanna fall in love tonight)

c ya guys ... PeacE... bye byz

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~Jus StufF~ [14 Dec 2005|09:46pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Heyy mi creepy lil* friends... well... wuts kinda sad is tht the picture thingy tht i had as mi default thingy .. like the userpic thigy stopped workin or something .. so i had to change it...:(... but guess thts okay.... cua now i have a new one thts jus as good.... well anyway.... guess wut i'm doing next week..(or prolly the week after)... i'm dyin mi hair PURPLE......well it's not gunna be mi whole head ... but yeah i jus hope tht it looks okay..... cua if it doesn't then... i may jus hide under mi bed till it grows out *lol*.... hmmm actually tht doesn't sound to bad..... but then agian i don't realli wanna not see mi friends beautiful faces. *lol*... hey maybe i'll give them a good laugh or something HA HA HA ... but anyways... the truth is tht i'm realli bored right now.. n' have nothing better to do but right some silly random things in here.... ... i watched edward scossorhands today on the computer tho... tht was realli funn.... hmmmm.... but yeah..... well i think i'm gunna go n' do something else... i'm not sure wut jus at the moment... but i'm sur ei'kk find something...... soo i'll cya later....PeacE
take care everyone....
bye byz

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~Jus Stuff~ [12 Dec 2005|08:58pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Heyy there... well today realli kinda sucked..... i was kinda sick all weekend... n' then this morning.. i was alright but still kinda sick.. n' then by second period.... i got relli anoyed.......... mi head hurt n' i kept coughin... i hate being sick....... so i went home at the end of lunch...... n' i had to leave rosey ...:(:(:(.... tht was sad... cuz i luv her oh soo much.... but yeah... i get o see her tomorrow... which should be funn!!!!... but yeah.... i couple mins ago i went to best buy n' got "Big Package For You" i'm realli excited...... for those of you who don't know wut tht is.... it's a DVD thingy on Simple Plan..... i know some of u don't like them..... but i do *lol*... n' thts all tht matters to me..... but yeah... i haven't realli watched it yet tho...... i haven't had time... i still have history h/w tht i have to do..... but yeah.... i sad tht i'm sick.... cuz if i'm still realli sick tomorrow... then i may not be able to go ridin..... n' i realli wanna... cuz i'll get to ride ace again..... tht horse was sooo much funn last week... but yeah... well i'm gunna get goin .. soo i'll cya all later...... bye byz....


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~Jus stufF~ [09 Dec 2005|06:07pm]
[ mood | determined ]

                   I must learn to not care what other people say or think, 
                                    even though their all around me, 
                               they fil me with this jelousy and anger,
                                    it tears mi mind and heart apart, 
                         i feel like screaming and falling to the ground, 
                                         the fall would shatter me,
                                        it would be my final break, 
                               and i will never have to hurt again.  

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~Last tonighT~ [09 Dec 2005|05:59pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Heyy everyone... well... i jus wanna say tht last night the Simple Plan was awesome!!!.... i hope they come back.... cuz i'm goin to see them again if they do *lol*.... yuppp... to be honest.... n' this is mi opinion..... their concert was the bast tht i'v seen.... it was tuns of fun havin mi cousin there to ... she's funny.... David looked pretty darn HOT  tooo*lol*... i was very excited to sing along wit them n' all.... but yeah.... welll i dunno y but i don't usually like writin down about concerts for some reason... but yeah... the concert was awesome .. n' i think tht all tht matters..*lol*... so i'll say ya all later.
Take Care.
bye byz

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